I have removed all my posts because I felt uncomfortable about writing about my son and because although I had intended to write regularly, in fact I wrote rarely and when I did it was generally because I was fed up about something. As a result my blogging has let me focus on the negatives and I really want to be mindful and embrace the positives.  So it is on hold and one day I might come back and write some more.

Social media is an interesting, developing medium.  I see people around me opening up aspects of their lives for sharing online.  They present a shape to their lives and their experiences to be viewed by others.  We are encouraged to ‘share’ our favourite songs, films, books, brands and apps and count the number of hits, friends, views and searches we get as a result.

I have avoided all social media to date, apart from trying to blog.  And this I have done anonymously. I am uncomfortable within this virtual word.  I do not want to think about how others may view me or how I want to be viewed but if I use social media or networking then this is something I feel I would have to actively do or actively chose not to do.  Either way, using social media seems to force an awareness of the viewer on the person who is sharing or being viewed. So instead of living a life of self awareness, social media can lead us to live a life presented as an object; either all laid out for others to see or presented in the way we want others to see it.

I want to be mindful of my life and the small number of people I genuinely share it with. At the moment I cannot reconcile this with blogging or social networking and until I can, then this is it.